Thursday, May 13, 2010

Plus-Size Lingerie Ad Too Hot for TV?

In recent news, Lane Bryant attempted to air a commercial with their lingerie line but their commercial was banned from Fox and ABC. Their reason was that they tried to work with the commercial and asked Lane Bryant to edit it because it was too racy for their family hour at 8:00p.m. I think the real reason is because they feel the world is not ready to see plus size women in lingerie. Why not? If they are taking about family hour, 9:00pm is when the news is shown when families continue to watch, yet they allow Victoria Secret commercials to be aired? Juicy women are just as gorgeous as skinny girls, why can't they BOTH have the right to feel sexy and desired?
Watch this video as the Riley show discusses further about the commercial. They do show the commercial in this video as well. Keep in mind, VS and Lane Bryant are owned from the same company, how ironic.

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