Thursday, May 13, 2010

Plus-Size Lingerie Ad Too Hot for TV?

In recent news, Lane Bryant attempted to air a commercial with their lingerie line but their commercial was banned from Fox and ABC. Their reason was that they tried to work with the commercial and asked Lane Bryant to edit it because it was too racy for their family hour at 8:00p.m. I think the real reason is because they feel the world is not ready to see plus size women in lingerie. Why not? If they are taking about family hour, 9:00pm is when the news is shown when families continue to watch, yet they allow Victoria Secret commercials to be aired? Juicy women are just as gorgeous as skinny girls, why can't they BOTH have the right to feel sexy and desired?
Watch this video as the Riley show discusses further about the commercial. They do show the commercial in this video as well. Keep in mind, VS and Lane Bryant are owned from the same company, how ironic.

Fashion Institute for Design and Merchandising

Photos from FIDM's website

I don't know why I never wrote on here to tell you, I went to visit The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising- LA over spring break! If you don't know, FIDM is where Project Runway was/is filmed, how exciting.

I met with Bryann Hill who is an Admission's Adviser there. She said my personality tells her I will be a good fashion designer, that's kinda funny but I am glad she can see it. If you are visiting LA anytime soon, I highly suggest you set up a tour with the school cause it is phenomenal! The campus is gorgeous and very inspirational. I have to say, they have a hell of a computer lab, there is a foot pool that you can dip your feet in while you are doing your homework. They even included beach beds with a swinging desk so you can lay while your on your laptop. I seriously couldn't believe it!

Security is pretty tight with the school. You have to always have your badge or visiting badge with you or else they won't let you in. It's kinda crazy. Because there are about 90% females on their campus, security is extra tight at night. They lock their campus up and they even provide a shuttle to drop you off at your apt-1 block away... that's funny too!

But on a serious note, if you are looking to pursue fashion, you should look into FIDM. A lot of famous designers actually graduated from FIDM such as Ralph Lauren, Estee Lauder (founder of it), founders of Juicy Couture, FIDM winners from various seasons, and so many more people I don't know about.

If you put a lot of effort into finding a job post graduation, you are 90% likely to find a job in the industry you are pursuing... just thinking about it, that is where my heart is... FIDM, here I come!

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ann Taylor LOFT

I love the LOFT! I noticed that their look has changed since I last worked there. It is a lot younger and their target market has changed; I am not sure if that is a good thing or not since their target segment was pretty large, 25-80 years old. I don't think an eight year old would wear what they currently are selling, but I do have to say I love the colors! I have been waiting for years for the LOFT to use the blue hues for their MAY look and finally it's here.

A lot of females are hesitant to shop there because they think it is a more older/mature store then they think, but really if you separate the pieces they showcase and pair it with jeans or a skirt, you can pull it off. I have a weakness for dresses and I have to say they have some great dresses right now.

On the other note, I stopped by the other looking for a dress and I have to say they have changed a bit. The old/new store manager doesn't work there any more, so much for trying to making to make the store a million dollar store... please go back to Calvin because you ain't got nothing on the LOFT! I met the new store manager and she is cute and cheery, but she needs to work on her sales associate. Not once did they welcomed me or asked if I needed help. Greeting clients with in their first minute, FAIL!!!

It's kinda hard not to critique the LOFT since I used to work there, but I always catch these small things. I almost bought a jacket for $30, but they didn't deserve my money so I left; there goes their conversion. I find it kinda bitchy to do that, but I just can't help it. Next time, maybe.

Aside from all that negativity, I love how visually appealing the store looks. They painted one of the walls a deep blue which makes the wall and the merchandise look more appealing. I can definitely feel the beachy look which is quite relaxing. Will the color change each season/month? If you are looking for inspiration for a new wardrobe, definitely stop by there...

Check their site out:

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