Wednesday, April 14, 2010

MN's Spring Fashion Week

This week is MN's Spring Fashion week with lots of great shows going on!

Spotlight Feature: PFT Couture
She is such a talented designer specializing in wedding dresses and gowns. I personally have worked with her in the Origins Fashion Show and loved every second of it. One of her most recent pieces I dearly love which was scene in shows such as Fresh Traditions, Envision, and maybe this upcoming weekend's Voltage Fashion Show is her black and white striped dress.

Here she is with the dress


If you are in town and looking for a great show to attend, I suggest looking up the Voltage Fashion Show on 1st Ave. here

Here are a few pieces of her work over time that I LOVE!

Photo credits were taken from the designer's profile.
I am not taking any credit for these photos.