Thursday, February 25, 2010

to all fashion wardrobers and stylers....

If you love wardrobing/styling, here is an opportunity for you!

Operation Glass Slipper is an event that girls who can't afford prom dresses can sign up and get a free dress. They are looking for volunteers to help on the day of. If you want to help girls look beautiful for prom, you should check it out...

Here is their mission:
To provide full prom wear and accessories at no cost to girls in financially restrictive circumstances, who otherwise could not attend this memorable and joyous capstone of high school life

To unlock the beauty and confidence within girls of every shape and size and from every background and walk of life by enabling them to feel good about themselves

To help break the cycle of hardship by instilling a sense of opportunity and empowerment for them to change their lives

Check them out here:

until next time, get your fash-on xoxo

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